What is Hantavirus and How it spreads


Hantavirus,What is Hantavirus and How does Hantavirus spreads :-

Hatavirus spresad by mouse
Hantavirus the new challenge for world because its spread rapidally.The world has not yet emerged from the effects of the corona virus that a new virus has been discovered in China. The virus found in the Greek city of China is named Hantavirus. All the countries around the world are still facing a terrible epidemic like Corona ie Covid-19. People have not yet come out of the clutches of the corona virus, that a new virus named Hantavirus has become a headache for the people.

What is Hantavirus: -

Hantavirus is a virus of a group of viruses that is spread by viruses released by mice. This virus, which spreads in people due to rodents, can cause various diseases in people. Hantavirus is also known as New World Virus in America. Many viruses may have pulmonary syndrome present in this virus, which is harmful to people. Hantavirus is also known as Old World Hantavirus virus in Europe and Asia.

How does Hantavirus spreads: -

Hantavirus is a virus belonging to a group of viruses, which is spreading in the world. So far cases of 
Hantavirus have been reported in China. People of China consider eating live animals as their tradition. People of China live on mice, frogs, bats, etc. Hantavirus is spread by these animals. Hantavirus is mainly spread by mice. After touching the feces, urine etc. of mice, if the person puts his hands on his mouth, nose etc. organs, then the risk of getting infected with Hantavirus increases. This virus spread by mice contains the host species of mice. Hantavirus spreads to people through a virus called aerosolle.


A person suffering from Hantavirus has high fever. The person has fever up to 101 degrees Fahrenheit. A person suffering from Hantavirus feels cold. The person feels body ache. The patient of Hantavirus starts nausea and vomiting. The patient feels body pain, headache and abdominal pain. A rash begins to appear on the body of a person with Hantavirus. Red red spots start appearing on the body. The patient has difficulty in breathing. A person suffering from Hantavirus has a dry cough.

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