Upcoming Cricket Series of team India


upcoming cricket series of team india

The new year has arrived and curiosity is arising in the minds of all the people that all the matches with the Indian cricket team and the schedule of the tournament, what will happen, which team will play with the Indian cricket team and when will they play. the year 2019 has been very good for the Indian team, in this year. the Indian cricket team has achieved many achievements. 

       For many players, the year 2019 is very fluctuating, for many, the year 2019 is good.In the year 2019, Team India has won many titles and they have lost many titles with their own hands.

 Cricket World Cup 2019, in which the Indian cricket team reached the semi-finals of the World Cup but could not name the World Cup 2019 title, thus the year 2019 was very volatile and very spectacular for the Indian cricket team.

The year 2020 is today and this year will be quite a challenge with the Indian cricket team. At the beginning of the year, the Indian cricket team will start their cricket series with Sri Lanka and in turn Australia along with New Zealand and South Africa will also help the Indian cricket team. 
 There are a lot of matches to be played which can be guessed that this year 2020 can be very challenging for the Indian cricket team.

Along with this, in view of the men's T20 World Cup will be held in October 2020, keeping in mind that Team India has to make a lot of preparations, all the teams will be preparing for this T20 World Cup to be held in the year 2020.
Here we are telling you which team will have to play a series with Team India in the year 2020.

1.   January

                                   India Vs Sri Lanka
                              05 jan -10 jan 2020
                            3 T20Is Matches
                                   Venue - India

India Vs Australia
14 jan - 19 jan 2020
3 ODIs  Matches
Venue - India

India Vs New Zealand
24 jan - 04 March 2020
 3 ODIs Matches
5 T20Is Matches
 2 Test  Matches
Venue - New Zealand

2. March

India Vs South Africa
12 Mar - 18 Mar 2020
3 ODIs
Venue - India

3. June- July

India Vs Sri Lanka
26 June -10 July 2020
3ODIs Matches
 2 T20Is Matches

4. August

India Vs Zimbabwe
17 Aug- 28 Aug 2020
 3 ODIs

5. October

India Vs Australia
19 Oct-23 Oct 2020
 3 T20Is

6. Nov-December

India Vs Australia
23 Nov 2020  - 12 Jan 2021
4 Test Matches
 3 ODIs

In the same year 2020, a Mahakumbh of cricket world is going to be organized, that is, in the year 2020, Shahzada T20 World Cup is going to be organized in the world of instant cricket, T20 World Cup will be organized from October 18 to November 15 in this tournament. T20 World Cup is a big tournament in cricket history. This tournament of 20-20 overs is very exciting and interesting this tournament will be organized in Australia.

         Schedule of T20Is

Events - T20 World Cup 2020
Category - Mens
Venue - Australia 
Date - 18th Oct. - 15 Nov. 2020
Total Matches - 45 

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