How to give surprise gift on Christmas festival and New year


 Celebrate christmas festival and new year :-

Christmas festival is now end term and all world people are engage preparation of Christmas festival celebration. 

New Year Celebration

        In some countries the preparation of Christmas celebration are begin to before December  starting. 
     There people are gives gift each-otherof  , our family  members , giving wishes and expose your feelings with their friends. 

         In this Christmas festival if you want to give surprising gift to your family members , friends , relatives and boss and think how type gift are best for your friends , family members and boss.

            Giving a favourite gift of your friends , relatives and boss you can get more happiness on your charistmas celebration. 

                Asked your friends , boss and family members to their favourite items that they are very like and gives these items of your friends  and relatives on Christmas festivals as a christmas gift.


How to give surprise Your Boss :-

         If you have join a company and you want to give surprise gift to your boss and want more respect in the eyes of your boss that is ultimate time.

      This christmas festival you can give a attractive and fancy gift to your boss.

         If you was joined company past 2-3 years and more than ,you can easily choose a perfect gift for your boss.

              If you work long time in this company then you know easily about your boss habits , favourite items and character.
      Now choose a perfect gift for your boss that his favourite.

         If you are recentaly  joined company and you don’t know about your boss character , habits and favourite items and still want to happy your boss on this christmas festival then you can get it easily.

     First know your boss favourite item’ s and after then choose this items to give your boss at this christmas celebration.

           If you don’t know about your boss favourite , asked your seniors to about your boss character , asked which type things deserve your boss , asked about your boss habits , asked about his daily routine.

          After know about your boss habits and favourite you can easily choose a perfect gift for your boss.

         "Boss Is Boss" . He will happy if you work perfectly and regularly with more impression. But a another way to impress your boss that is describe above.


How to give surprise your friends:-

      On this christmas if you think that how to give surprise gift to your friends , how to wish christmas and New year to your friends. Then don’t worry.

      After read this section you will satisfy that how to celebrate christmas and new year with your friends , how to give wishes on new year and christmas festival.

          You know that we always like to celebrate any festivals , events and party with your friends. We feel good to celebrate any events  with your friends.

      There are only friends in front of whom we can openly talk about our feeling secret and other expression.

       This christmas you celebrate with your friends. You know about your friends habits , favourite and feelings.

               You have to make sure that what does most like your friends .
    Choose your friend’s favourite item’s and give it as a gift on this christmas festival and new year celebration.

              You can give surprise to your friends go to movie and picnic on this christmas holidays.

         Give your friends to congratulation and best wishes on celebration of New year .

     Make a plan go to trip and enjoy new year celebration with your friends.

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