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Top Place To Spend Christmas holiday :-

The year 2019 is going to end and the annual celebrated Christmas festival is also coming. The festival of Christmas and alot of joy of winter in December makes this time very beautiful.

      People engaged in Christmas preparations, slow snowfall, light snow on the roofs of houses, Christmas movements in the markets, small snowflakes in the air, hot hot coffee, ginger bread and hot breakfast tastes Together, they make this Christmas celebration even more spectacular.

         In the whole world, preparations for Christmas celebrations begin in December, Christmas preparations in Europe begin four weeks before Christmas Eve.

                   In the month of December itself, the festival of Saint Nicholas is celebrated, which is celebrated as the celebration of the saint of the third century, Saint Nicholas who had sold all his wealth and gave all his money to the poor.

        If you are looking for a holiday or a great place for Christmas party and celebration on such a great festival and time, then this article will prove to be fantastic for you.


          We will talk to you about such places here where spending Christmas holidays and celebrating Christmas will make your winter holiday look beautiful.

            The most favorite time of the year, Christmas festival and snowfall among all these, if you want to be a part of the grand ceremony, then you can give some places to celebrate the ceremony. 
               Which of these places would be best for spending your Christmas holidays?

1.  Manchester , England

The once-a-year Christmas festival is celebrated in Northern Europe with great pomp and grandeur. 

        Large markets are decorated on the occasion of Christmas in Manchester, England. 

            The UK's largest cathedral garden that captivates people is a place famous for Christmas celebrations.

           Ice village menchester includes arctic bar, santa's grotto and ice rink.

The lighttopia festival and Hollwood christmas ball are celebrated on 20 December in Manchester.
Christmas light show festival manchester is celebrated on 21 December.

photo by mike peel

2.  Montreux , Switzerland

The montreux city of switzerand is a great place to celebrate Christmas, the small towns and small villages of Switzerland that enhance the beauty of Switzerland, both the festive atmosphere and Montreux's largest market, both the beauty of Christmas and the grand event. 

              In the city of Montreux, Switzerland, the country's largest market is organized. 

         Stylish stall, christmas decoration items, christmas tree, fancy flower etc. are planted in this market Montreux of Switzerland is a great place to spend Christmas holidays.

3.  Vienna , Austria

Stefan Cathedral in Vienna, Austria, organizes concerts, market decorations, etc. 
        where you will find mixed music, a mix of carols and Mozart thinking about Christmas in Austria, that is, remembering the markets there. 

          The markets are decorated in a grand way on the celebration of Christmas in Vienna.

              The style of Christmas celebrations in Vienna, Austria, Christmas concerts and dinner at Carsalon in Vienna make the Christmas festivities double.


In the European country Italy, the celebration of Christmas is celebrated in a very traditional way. 

                   The celebration of Christmas is celebrated in a very traditional way, on this New Year's Day, there is a celebration of fireworks as well as a musical evening, dance and traditional festival Piazza del Populo. 

           In the crib of Santa Maria Aracoelli after Christmas Eve, Santo Bambino is crossed by the steps of the church.

  Live music performances and fireworks of firecrackers at the colosseum via di fori imperiali in Rome, which makes the view amazing and enchanting.

christma in italy


Christmas is very famous in Spain country of Europe continent. 

            Here, the celebration of Christmas is celebrated with great grandeur. 
          Here, the preparations for the Christmas festivities start from December 6. Religious services, gift giving, charity etc. are done in a grand manner on the Christmas festival. 

                 Big lotteries (up to a billion euros), spectacular nativity scenes, glimpses of the arrival of the new year and great food here you can see and enjoy them all. 

                      Here you will see the magnificent and traditional confectioner Giri. Traditional sweets will be seen in the markets here. Traditional sweets like an almond, honey pudding, choice and toran come in the markets in the beginning of October.

Cristmas in Spain


Christmas preparations in Iceland begin four weeks in advance, lasting until the end of Christmas. 
          As the Christmas festival draws near, people start preparing loudly and make Christmas celebrations grand. This festival continues till 13 days after Christmas. 

             Four weeks before Christmas, people traditionally place a candle in the church every week. 
          Finally on Christmas day the bell is rung in the church and the Christmas celebration begins. 
                A variety of food items, lotteries, musical performances, etc. are organized with grand decorations on the celebration of Christmas. Mass dishes are usually served with side dishes such as peas, corn, cabbage, beans, gravy, jaim, etc.

Christmas in Iceland

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